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Yoga is a popular exercise and wellness choice for adults and can be enjoyed by anyone at any age. Jan specializes in Boomer and Senior Yoga. Boomers (born between 1946-1964) and seniors (age 55-100 plus) want to stay active in their second 50 years. They embrace yoga and meditation for stress relief, health and vitality.

20% of America’s 30 million yoga enthusiasts are over age 55.

About Jan

Jan Doolin 2015

Ms. Doolin has multiple teaching certifications and is a highly-trained, skilled and experienced yoga instructor and meditation teacher. She teaches both group and individual private sessions primarily in the greater Chapel Hill and Pittsboro, North Carolina area. She she teaches extensively in her home studio and privately in people’s homes.

Ms. Doolin is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and is registered with Yoga Alliance, the Yoga Certification Association, recognized worldwide. Jan is also a Certified Senior Yoga Instructor and a Certified Senior Fitness Instructor with The American Senior Fitness Association. She is currently certified by The American Red Cross in CPR, AED and First Aid and carries liability insurance.

To learn more about current classes, workshops or how to schedule an individual private session with Ms. Doolin, please contact her by email or Click Here to Contact Jan.

Jan looks forward to talking to you more about the benefits of Gentle Senior Yoga and Meditation.

What is Gentle Senior Yoga?

“Gentle Senior Yoga” is yoga that has been adapted to meet the needs of the over 55 population. It is one of the safest physical activities you can pursue.

Senior Yoga Tree Pose photo

What are the benefits?

Our world is filled with stress. Research shows that over 80% of all doctor visits are related to stress. The primary goal of Gentle Senior Yoga is relaxation and stress and tension relief to improve the quality and enjoyment of life. Living is simply more fun when you look and feel fit!

Gentle Senior Yoga involves a series of stretches that work your muscles to improve strength, and work the range of motion in all of the joints. Gentle Senior Yoga also helps to promote good posture and improve balance. Yoga exercises boost blood circulation, immunity, stamina and energy. Yoga is especially beneficial in countering chronic pain from arthritis and back pain.

Yoga places an emphasis on “conscious breathing.” Most of us utilize only a fraction of our lung capacity. Yoga helps you to breathe both easy and fully, boosting the overall functioning of your mind and body, improving brain fitness.

15 Proven Benefits of
Gentle Senior Yoga

  1. Improves Flexibility
  2. Strengthens Muscles
  3. Improves Posture
  4. Improves Balance
  5. Boosts Immune Function
  6. Improves Joint Heath
  7. Strengthens Bones
  8. Helps Heart and Lung Functions
  9. Alleviates Depression
  10. Improves Brain Function
  11. Lowers Stress Hormone Levels
  12. Lowers Blood Pressure
  13. Relieves Pain
  14. Improves Psychological Health
  15. Improves and Promotes Emotional Health, Resilience and Improves Relationships


“Jan is a genuinely caring yoga instructor whose enthusiasm for the benefits of yoga is a true pleasure to experience. She has taken the time to educate herself in teaching methods for safe, well-balanced sessions that will definitely improve the health and well being of her students without compromise. I highly recommend Jan as a teacher, especially for the Boomer and Senior populations which she feels passionate about serving.”

~ Roseanna Frechette, Founder & Director, Inner City Yoga, Denver, Colorado

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